As I opened my eyes on this Monday morning, I felt a sense of refreshment. Was it my freshly cleaned sheets? Was it the smell of someone’s perfume in the air? Was from having slept in 15 extra minutes? All of these things added to the joy of realizing why I have an extra pep in my step: it’s beginning to feel like spring. Waking up to a warm 37 degrees here in northern Wisconsin doesn’t mean that we can hang up our snow pants quite yet, but we surely can throw open the windows a bit and leave our scarves at home for a change. This springy feeling is also a gentle reminder that spring break for SNorbs is quickly approaching. The fresh air, warm sun, and good moods, combined with the excitement of an upcoming trip, have inspired the kick-start to making lists of the spring break essentials.

I am lucky enough to be joining my family on a vacation to the beach. Although I am unreal excited, I need to begin to plan out what I am going to pack. Below are some essential pieces that will show up on my packing list.

Click Here to shop my favorite warm weather sandals! These espadrilles by Soludos found at Nordstrom are a staple to my warm weather wardrobe. They are super comfortable and are perfect for strolling around town or for the quick walk to the beach.


This spring, JCrew has released it’s new swimsuit line and I am OBSESSED with it! Take a click right here to see the suit of my dreams. Beaches are nothing but sand, wind, and crazy waves. This suit provides enough coverage for you to freely frolic in the salty water while providing crafty cutouts that promise to keep all of your secrets safe. *wink wink*


Forgetting to put sunscreen on the back of my neck is one of my personal party tricks. Not only is it painful but it can give you some nasty chills once the sun sets. This bandana from Madewell is my favorite accessory that not only looks charming but wearing it loosely around your neck keeps the chills away during any nightly endeavors. These bandanas add a great pop of color to any look or when tied around a bag or purse.


A nice pair of shades are critical to have if you plan on spending hours and hours in the sun. Due to my small face, I am limited to certain styles of sunglasses. I tend to gravitate towards circular glasses but THESE funky sunnies from Urban Outfitters are a cool way to spice up your frame game.

Feel free to comment what else you would like to see on my spring break lists!