April showers bring May flowers? Do these showers include snow showers that are said to promise nearly a foot of snow? Apparently they do. But what is really making these flakes less and less tolerable is that a mere 24 hours ago, I was sitting on a beach watching dolphins play in the ocean as the kid next to us threw a can of sunscreen at his brother. Ahhh, vacation.


The beautiful Rosemary Beach/Seacrest Beach area is one of the most magical places I have ever visited. Filled with stunning architecture, white beaches, and crystal clear water. You’ll have to look twice to believe the beauty before your eyes.

The place that we stayed at was located just a short walk away from the beach. It was a delightful yellow home filled with windows allowing us some gnarly ocean views. It included 2 porches that made for splendid brunches and sunset watching. The boardwalk to the beach was surrounded by beautiful greenery that lead to a sea of blue.


We were also lucky enough to have finessed our way to gaining access to the gate code of the rooftop pool located next door. This was a fantastic addition as the sun went down and we continued to light it up. Coming from Wisconsin, we aim to get as much vitamin D as humanly possible so setting us up four stories closer to our big star was an opportunity we weren’t going to live without. Us Sconnies take our sun time into full-send mode before we have to head back up to the tundra.


Views from the rooftop pool


Alas, all good things truly come to end. I’ll be thinking of my fam that will be looking at these lovely views for the rest of the week as I continue to glance outside to check out the progress in snow accumulation. Can’t wait to unpack those snow pants I so confidently put away for the season! But not to worry, I will be back, relaxing on a beach sooner than you’d think.