I hope that everyone is having a fantastic month of March. Last week was Snorbs’ spring break. Although I did not get to flock south to a warmer destination like most spring breakers do, I did get to travel across the Wisco/Illinois boarder to the grand ole city of Chicago.



Trapping down to Chi-Town sits somewhere in my top 5 on my list of favorite things to do when I have a whole day with nothing to do so looks like I’ve gotta find something to do otherwise I won’t step outside of the house that day. 

Chicago is a great destination because of its close proximity to Milwaukee, the endless places to walk around to, and the great sites to see. My mother was kind enough to join me in my journey south of the Wisco boarder.


Where We Ate:

Ralph Lauren.

We ate lunch at the Ralph Lauren Restaurant in downtown Chicago located on East Chicago avenue. This is our favorite place to eat lunch when we have a busy day full ahead of us. Here, we split a delicious burger that was accompanied by french fries.


The restaurant is beautifully decorated with vintage style photographs that make you wish you were living in the 50’s. If you’re looking to have a fantastic meal accompanied by exquisite servers and hosts, RL Restaurant should be on the top of your list.


ATMs have always been associated with grabbing money when you’re in a hurry or just too lazy to head to the bank. Well, on East Walton street, you can stop by an ATM if you’re in need of a quick sweet snack. Sprinkles Cupcakes has created their own ATM system that sells cupcakes similarly to the way one would grab a quick 20 bucks.


This lovely pink machine allows you to choose your cupcake from a variety of flavors. Once your cupcake has been chosen and paid for, it will be fetched by the ATM and will appear right before your very eyes. This is a fun way to catch a quick snack if you are out with a busy day of shopping ahead of you.


Where We Shopped:


Right next door to the RL Restaurant is a shop that never seizes to let me down, Anthropologie. Although this store is way out of my super broke-college kid price range, I still love going in and seeing what styles they have in store. Their clothes are beautiful and always give the current trends a run for their money as they successfully take current styles and make them even more fun and fabulous.

The store is also beautifully decorated. Even if you don’t have any intentions on purchasing their items, it is always worth the trip inside to view the dazzling designs there is throughout.



While browsing through the store, I came across some fabulous pieces that I immediately fell in love with. The jumpsuit featured above is something that I struggled to take off, not because it was stuck, but because I was in love. It is featured in black and in this beautiful orange color. It could be worn dressed up or down and perfect for endless summer occasions. It was hard leaving such a classic piece behind but alas, I had a full day of shopping ahead of me.

Michigan Ave.

Walking up and down the north side of Michigan avenue is not only a great way to get your steps in but a great way to hit all some really great shops. We hit Forever 21, Top Shop, Zara, H&M, Gap, and much more. This is a great stretch for everyone as it includes stores that serve practically everyone’s interests. Michigan avenue is the place to go if you are looking to shop ’till you drop.


Ahhh, sweet sweet Madewell. A store I hold close and dearly to my heart. Located on North Rush street, you will be charmed by not only the store itself, but also by the surrounding neighborhood. It is right across the street from Versace and Dior and up the street from Bentley, Tesla, and Ferrari. (Yup… Definitely not the neighborhood I should be trapping through as I am living on ramen and corn nuts.)


Madewell is a fantastic store (a little pricey but worth it) if you like a classic look with a unique touch. Their items are made of the softest material that is durable and made to last. They have funky fun jewelry and fabulous accessories. There, I purchased this shirt that I am OBSESSED with. It is unbelievably soft and can be worn for numerous occasions. I am looking forward to wearing it all summer with jeans, shorts, and skirts. Madewell is definitely a great place to shop not only for great clothes but also to get inspiration for your wardrobe.


There are endless places to visit while in Chicago. It is a city I could never grow tired of. There is so much more to it than just the few street that I was on during this last trip down. If you have any great Chicago experiences you would like to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.