Many people become confused when I tell them that I work at the Tech Bar. The name “Tech Bar” does not really describe what I do other than I work with certain forms of technology and websites.


*Quick disclaimer, I am really not great at working with technology.


Everyday, I come into the big ITS office here at St. Norbert College. Everyone here is extremely intelligent within the tech field and is in charge of all of the technology here on campus. These are the people you call when the wifi connection is down, when you think you MacBook is going to explode, or when you have 1000+ viruses on your laptop from watching illegal copies of your favorite movies online. (Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve been there, done that.) These people are unreal talented in what they do.



Then there’s me. I can help troubleshoot your MacBook problems but I probably couldn’t fix the wifi. People don’t typically come to me for those issues. In my small section of ITS called the Tech Bar, I am here to help students with Google, WeVideo, and WordPress. I have become level 1 Google Certified and am currently working towards completing more levels of that certification. I also know how to work with WeVideo, a video editing platform students are required to use here at SNorbs. Lastly, I have recently adopted my own website (yep, this very one). Having my own website has been my favorite project at the Tech Bar so far. I am still learning how to work out the kinks of WordPress while still deciding what exactly I want the world to see when they come to ericakalberer.com. Come back to my website to check up on the other things I have been working on.