What a wonderful day it has been thus far in the 2 hours and 5 minutes that I have been awake this morning. Not only is it finally Friday, not only is Easter break less than a week away, but it is also the best day of them all– National Puppy day!

For all my puppy people, dawg’s dawgs, and canine lovers out there, you know just how special this day is. Not only do we get to celebrate all the tail waggers in the world, but we also get to scroll through endless pictures of our friend’s and family’s posts that show a lil’ extra love and appreciation to their pups.



For those of who who have been blessed with having a dog as a part of your family, you know just how special they are. They bring a certain joy that you couldn’t gain from any human. They give you endless love and attention without question.

Today, I want to celebrate the two balls-of-fur that provide me with endless, unconditional love.


The Borker



This is Coco. She is 10 years old and a rescue from Kentucky. Coco is extremely intelligent which can be very frustrating as she is always looking for ways to sneak out of the yard or onto the dining room table. (Uhm… rude!?) Coco is truly a great dog though. She joins me in nightly slumber parties when I am home from school. She loves to sit on laps when company is over to act as though she is part of the squad. She is a great companion to have and is a very loyal dog. Coco is very lucky to have found our family but we, more importantly, are lucky to have found her.


The Woofer:



Alphonse is coming in hot as the woofer of the crew. More casually known as Alfie, this is the pup that everyone fawns over. He is about a year and a half old and is still learning and growing everyday. Alfie loves running around and, unfortunately, digging holes in the back yard. (Uhm… rude too, dude!) He also enjoys spending time at doggy daycare with his pals when everyone else has to work long hours during the day. Alfie is the king of snuggling and will love you so much that it is almost annoying. He is easily comparable to Olaf from Frozen. Even though he is just a pup, Alfie has made a huge impact in all of our hearts.


So throw ya paws up for the dogs in the world today. They give us all of their love so today, and everyday, let’s give them ours. Whether they’re a yipper, borker, woofer, or even the D-O-double G himself, lets show our appreciation for all the dawgs in our lives.



If you want to show some appreciation for your pup today, feel free to give ’em a lil’ shout out action in the comments.