As summer begins to creep up on us, there is only one thing on my mind:


Although I really (really) should be focusing on exams, papers, and everything else that makes a student want to nose dive out of their windows, I cannot help but think of the fun I’ll be having as I spend my summer corralling campers towards one activity after the other.



Many people picture movies such as “Heavyweights” or “Wet Hot American Summer” when you think of a summer camp. Though I cannot deny that these flicks are fantastic forms of entertainment, these movies just do not accurately represent the ways I spend my summer.

I work at YMCA Camp Minikani. It is located in the lovely Hubertus, Wisconsin, just 20 minutes outside of Milwaukee. It allows any kids ages ranging between 4 and 15 to come and have the best week(s) of their lives.


Taken from minikani.org. A true group of absolute ballers.


As a camp counselor, I am lucky enough to plan creative and fun days for whichever lucky group is thrown my way for the week. These days include anything from swimming around in mud pits to holding a wedding for two chickens or from throwing water balloons off of the top of the rock wall to pretending that we have to survive in the woods and fend for ourselves. The possibilities are endless in planning really great and memorable days for your kids.


Some of my fav women ever.


Although camp is a place for kids to go to have fun, the best part about it is the wonderful people that make up the counseling staff. Kids anywhere from 17 to 25 are in charge of running the magical place known as summer camp. Our kids are our priorities but we make sure to have as much fun as possible with each other. I have met lifelong friends there that I initially knew when I was 11. (WTF) These humans rock my world every single day and I could not be more grateful for their endless love and support throughout the entire year.



Summertime means that I get to return home to the most magical place in the world. You can expect ericakalberer.com to be a bit vacant but that is because I will be having the best time of my life. You can expect a maaajor post of all of the tomfoolery that occurred over the summer. Buckle up because who knows what kinds of absurd stories I’ll return with.


self explanatory.