Today is March 8th. It, more importantly, happens to be National Women’s Day. This day has a special place in my heart, not just because I happen to check the “female” box when I am filling out random applications and doctors forms, but because we get to celebrate all of the incredible things women have accomplished throughout history.

Women are badass.

There are many circumstances where women are easily overlooked and discredited for their accomplishments. This day is important because we are able to give women the recognition that is long past overdue. Women are humans. (I’ll say it again for those who maybe missed that.) WOMEN ARE HUMANS! It is time that we are recognized as such.



Today is not only about recognizing the infinite accomplishments women have made and the progress women have gained in moving towards equal rights, but it is also about spreading a lil’ love to the women in your lives.


This post is a celebration of the many women that have positively impacted me. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by their unconditional love and support. Be sure to give the women you love a little extra appreciation and acknowledgement today.


Here’s to all you badass women out there because EVERYDAY is Women’s Day!


For the Ladies is a bomb playlist for all those badass women out there! It features songs such as “Upgrade You” by BeyoncĂ©, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” by Shania Twain, and “Elated” by, Milwaukee’s very own, Grace Weber. This playlist is intended to make all women feel empowered, like all boss women should feel.

Get yo grooves on and enjoy!