Aaaaaand I’m back! Back to the Green Bay Groove!

(There are no dollars, I’m still broke. Oh, so broke.)

It has been a quick 3 months since I have posted anything! Zoinks! Anyone still out there??

For those of you who are out there, I feel like I owe it to you to tell you what the heck I’ve been up to this summer. If you’ve read my posts in the past, you probably know that I work at YMCA Camp Minikani. This summer, my good pal Sam and I were the Waterfront Directors here.

For 8 weeks, we managed 28 staff members (and WOW we love every single one of them more than words can describe), ran eight different programmatic skills that include kayaking, paddleboarding, an area that allows kids to send some freestyle tricks off of a tower raft, and implemented a new sailing program. We also planned some pretty goofy activities for our 28 staff members to make sure that they’re hyped up and having a blast and a half.

In the small time that we weren’t on the waterfront, we planned games and activities that all of camp participates in and fun activities that all of staff gets to do too.

Although there were plenty of responsibilities on a day to day basis, there was also plenty of time for shenanigans with some pals. I lived in a small shed with my friend, Olivia. Dude and I lit each other up every single day. We also had PLENTY of other powerful women to light us the heck up. The beauty, power, and inspiration that these ladies embody is unbelievable. The shenanigans they pull are legendary. The support that they give is unforgettable.

This summer was different because it was the first time I wasn’t in my regular counselor role. This means, I never had campers of my own. While at times I was bummed to not have a bunch of minions to romp around with, I found a love for supporting those humans that did have campers and taking time out of my day to make connections with kids when they were hanging out on the waterfront.

I’ve come to the realization that real life can wait. Young guns these days are rushing to find internships and get a headstart on their careers. While I do think this is incredibly beneficial and a good idea, I just personally think that it is important to enjoy the young years of life.

This summer was truly the best summer ever. I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to work at a summer camp. It’s kickass as hell. Watch the video above made by the amazing Meff Jeffers. It captures only a fraction of the magic that radiates from this place.

Oh, and I saw Snoop Dogg this summer. I’ve peaked. Peace out!!!!