Mmmh Fridays… arguably the best day of the week. Friday’s are great because they allow for you to be productive during the day but once that last class lets out, it’s all systems go. Friday’s are great because you don’t have to worry about homework until a later day (unless your responsible, then please teach me your ways.) Fridays are great because you get to TREAT YOSELF!


The idea of giving yourself a lil’ extra love and attention is SO important.

As college students, we drive ourselves into the ground in trying to balance mass amounts of school work, work work, and maintaining any sense of a social life all while trying to get a sweet 8 hours of shut eye each night.

The list of responsibilities we have go on an on. It’s all comes in that lovely package, tied with a big ole bow, called growing up.

What many humans neglect to do is treat themselves. We become so caught up in keeping up with work that we need to accomplish that we forget to ask ourselves: “Hey man… you good????”

This Friday, (aka right now, this day right here) allow yourself to breathe for a quick minute. Below, I’ll list my favorite things I like to indulge in to allow myself that good good rest & relaxation.


Can You See That?

This show is FANTASTIC. Atlanta is Donald Glover’s (aka Childish Gambino) show about the life of two cousins who are trying to find their way through the music industry in order to better the lives of their friends and family. This show is full of witty humor but also accurately portrays the struggles faced with being a young, financially troubled, African American living in Atlanta, Georgia. Everything from the cast, the music, and the beautiful cinematography makes it hard for me to turn this show off. Peep this show by streaming it on Hulu or tuning in to FX on Thursdays at 9 pm.

Can You Hear That?

Primitive, by the Real Estate is one of the songs that can be adapted into any mood. It’s cheerful, upbeat, and a real mood changer. Don’t push play if you’re looking to be in a good mood because this song is great for just that. I love listening to this while getting ready to meet up with friends or while just hanging out in the room. Please enjoy this fantastic tune.


Can You Read That?

This Book, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir),” by the hysterical Jenny Lawson is my all time favorite read. If you are a lover of comedy and truly down to clown, this book will make you laugh your rump off. Lawson tells her life story while littering the pages with elements of satire and humor. She is a Division 1 sass Queen and ultimately tells it how it is. Her book will leave you belly laughing so be cautious of where you choose to read it. (Note: from personal experience, the quiet zones in the library are definitely not the ideal place to read this as you will be LOLing).



Frankie Magazine is my FAVORITE magazine of all time! It’s vibrant colors, darling articles, and dashing photos will leave you gazing into these pages for hours on hours on hours. It is the perfect read to get a sense of the adorable lifestyles based in Australia. It features relatable articles from real people as well as advertisements that come in clutch for those who look to stray away from the mainstream of American culture. I am fascinated with every word in this magazine. I found my copies at Barnes & Noble but you can also get a subscription on their website.


There are endless ways to give yourself that extra attention you need and deserve this Friday. You’ll find me cozied up in a matter of just a few hours *phew!* How will you spend your Friday night?