I will be accepting any and all forms of praise because I folded my almost week old laundry (a girl’s a little busy, okay?) just in time to give a little insider scoop into where I live, aka the glorious Hughtel.

If you haven’t read my last post, please feel free to scoot your toot on over and give that a glance before reading this one. If you did read my last post, then you’re a true homie and I appreciate chu.

Now that we’re all on the same page, buckle up, get your popcorn, and cue that drumroll because here she is:

The room is relatively tiny so I figured it was crucial to make good use out of all of the space I have available. Off camera to the right is my closet (we don’t need to explore that, that’d be a post in itself), then to the left is a small piece of my desk, we have the living room which includes the futon, table and the carpet (and the obviously intentionally placed Michelle Obama biography), and finally the bedroom in the back.

I’ll begin this journey with a closer look at my desk. This desk came with the room (thank you, Norby) and is used for absolutely everything; doing homework, eating, catching tossed car keys, and most of all, supporting piles of dirty clothes. She’s rockin hella cute pics of humans I love dearly as well as miscellaneous b.s. as seen on the top level. (Some top-shelf b.s. one might say.)

Next up, we’ve got ourselves a little chill zone. The futon and the table are both from Ikea. I love the futon because it’s super comfortable but it’s all small enough that it doesn’t take up a ridiculous amount of space. The table rocks my socks despite the fact that I struggled a little bit setting it up but hey, that just me. #worthit #independentasf-ck. And for all my maxxinistas out there, the rug was scooped up from TjMaxx. Catch me passed out in this exact spot in 4 hours when my day is done!

The most eye-catching part of the room IMO is my bed. Boy oh boy do I looove my bed. If you don’t feel like you’re floating on a cloud while simultaneously drowning in blankets (in a good way) every night before you pass out, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s the recipe for the best sleep ever. I personally believe that if you had to spend all of your energy on making your bed the greatest place in your room, you will live a more fulfilling life. I like to keep a ton of books next to my bed because it not only makes me look like I’m intelligent and I like to read, but it also makes me feel accomplished because I appear to be said way. All of my pride is honestly focused on the jade plant next to my window (the rest of the plants are prob… are dying). I’ve somehow managed to keep it alive for over a year and I’m just so impressed with its growth. (I assume this is how motherhood feels.)

Some other fun aspects of the room include the underused record player and albums that compliment it. I truly do love music but I’m never around long enough to listen to an entire album. Acquiring this piece of machinery has given me a better understanding as to why streaming music has evolved into what it is today. But nonetheless, my records hold a special place in my heart.

Last on the list of things worth previewing, my growing wall of inspiration. This is chunk of space is something that I intend to fill as the year goes on. It includes pictures of my parents, my dog, and some other things that help lead to some warm and fuzzy thoughts each day. I’m looking forward to watching this wall grown and evolve into something dope. Also, if anyone has any tips for removing super sticky command strips without causing gaping holes in the wall, please sauce them my way as I’m utterly f–ked when it comes time to take this mirror down.

And that’s about it! The once heinous box of sadness has turned into a room worth loving. Nose diving into my bed is truly the best part of my day while accidentally falling asleep on the futon is a habit that probably won’t ever be broken. I can now confidently deem living alone to be a dope af decision that each person should consider trying at least once in their lives. (Unless you’ve got a ghost, then you should just always have a roomate or see a medium or something.)