Holy Mother of Pearl.

I’m not so sure how your brain operates but I find the beginning of the semester to be hella stressful, maybe even just as stressful as the end. Between solidifying class schedules and work schedules, moving back in, buying books, waking up before noon-thirty, and becoming a real person again, I find that I’m stressin’ a little bit.

A lot of times I talk about slowing down and chilling the hell out when stressful times come around. But in times like these, there just isn’t any time to sit down and relax. In order to relieve your inner ball-and-chain, sometimes you just need to power through it all.

Dress to Impress… Yourself

Nothing feels better than snacking yourself up on a day where you aren’t feeling like your best self. If you know that you’re going to feel like imploding, throw on something that makes you feel good. There’s nothing more true than the saying “look good, feel good.”

Make Some Small Screen Changes

Changing your phone or laptop wallpaper is a small enough change that it makes you feel refreshed. I tend to find luck in images from Pinterest. Here is my Pinterest board where I find my favorite wallpapers.

Put Something Good In Yo Belly

Again, when thinking about the week you find yourself wanted to run away and never return because of your schedule, preplan a meal that is going to make you feel “S-O G-double-O-D good.” My fav thing to make for myself is classic mac and cheese. A good way to ~spice up~ even the plainist of mac is to add a tad of cayenne pepper. Ooooo it’s too good to pass up!

Let The Angst Run Through Your Ears

Honestly, one of the best ways to relive your inner angst is to just embrace it. And what better way to do that than to relive your middle school years and throw on your old pop-punk playlist? The lyrics are absolutely ridiculous but those obnoxiously long guitar solos will knock your angst right out of the park!

Enjoy revisiting your glory days of stick straight hair and black nail polish. No shame in your game!