Sophomore year has quickly come and gone. I am currently sitting here at the Tech Bar wondering where the HECK this year went.

I have learned many things about myself within my sophomore year. I feel as though this was a huge year for me. I have grown a lot (unfortunately not in height) and I have learned a lot about myself.



As I begin the pack up process, I will remember all of the shenanigans that were pulled in my small 4 person dorm. I’m thankful that I won’t ever have to sleep on the top bunk ever again but I will miss my roommates dearly.



I am also very grateful for the new friends I have made; you guys f-ing rock. This year would not have been nearly as turnt up as it was if it weren’t for you.

To old friends and OG’s: I am elated we were able to continue ballin’ out. I look forward to the shenanigans that will be pulled in the future.




I look forward to the summer but I know it will go by in nearly an instant. It won’t be long until I am back at Snorbs pulling my routinely antics. Buckle up.


Best of luck to everyone for the next few months.

As Annie Walker from Bridesmaids once said:

“Auf Wiedersehen, a**holes!”