Hello and welcome to second semester!

Another winter break has come and gone. That means that is it only a matter of time until time picks up speed; rushing through spring break, Easter break, finals, and then finally summer. It’s almost a little unnerving how quickly second semester traditionally goes by, especially knowing how much work is yet to come in the next 15 (ish?) weeks.

Thankfully, this last winter break was a blast and a half which made coming back to school much more difficult. But alas, I am back and ready to take on whatever comes my way this semester!

Now lemme let ya in on what all went down over these last 5 weeks:

Working Winter Camp

Ah yes, what sounds more fun than running around in sub 30 temperature with 10 small children for 4 days? Nothing!? You’re right! Working winter camp was a phenomenal time. I had 10 unbelievably small girls to kick it with. Boy oh boy, we conquered the snow, ice, and sleet together. They were absolute troopers. Go them!

New Year New Me?

Ha ha super no. Same year same B.S. but hey, what’s up 2019!? Ringing in the New Year with the best of pals was the only right way to do it! We braved the snowy weather and slippery roads just to all get together and have a ball.

Turning 21 (Twenty-Fun!)

My birthday always falls on a date that we aren’t in school which is super nice because it leaves more room for spending time with family. This birthday was extra special because I am finally legal all over the board. Cheers to successfully avoiding an underage drinking ticket! Wahoo!

The jukebox had a photobooth… I mean, when in Rome!

Other Shenanz

I was also lucky enough to hit a couple Bucks games, spend time in downtown Milwaukee, catch up with some old pals, and have hella snuggle time with my pups.

Winter break, you’ll be missed. But you surely were a snack. I’m looking forward to this semester’s shenanigans. Stay tuned!