One of the more difficult aspects of college isn’t necessarily maintaining good grades or finding ways to minimize potential FOMO, but it is taking care of yourself. Many college kids make it from freshman year through senior year by swimming in a sea of beer, junk food, and sleepless nights.



As it is crucial to have as much fun as possible in college, it is also important to take care of ourselves. If we can maintain our health and well-being, we will be more successful students.


Put yo sneakers on.

Working out and being active does not make the top 10 in my list of things I enjoy doing. Honestly, it probably doesn’t make the top 50. If you’ve ever seen me running, then you’re lying because I don’t do that. But I do recognize how important it is to stay active, even if it is just for a short time. Heading to the fitness center or even staying in your room (at home work outs have a special place in my heart) is a great way to get your body moving everyday. Even if you go and walk on the treadmill (some of you Snorbertines know you’ve peeped me doing this) you are still benefitting your health so much more than you would have if you were to have played an extra episode of Friends. Get up and get your body moving, just for a bit, then treat yourself to all the episodes in the world.


Eat it right.



Putting good, healthy things into your body is SO IMPORTANT! Although Taco Bell for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all sound like a dream come true and a cheap way to satisfy your cravings, this will not help you, your health, or your bank account. A good way to avoid this is to eat healthy. Pictured above is a fun way to gain the nutrients your body needs– through smoothie bowls. The Minimalist Baker has a great recipe on how to make a 5 minute smoothie bowl. Eating healthy during the week will ensure that you will feel better and have a better time on the weekends when duties call for an all systems go darty or even for a relaxing weekend to yourself.


Take 5, dude.


Although it is so easy to get caught up in the routine of working hard during the week and being social on the weekends, it is important to slow down once in a while and give yourself a break. Your mental health and well-being is truly the missing piece to the puzzle that you need in order to be your best self. Take a Friday night off and enjoy some personal time or play hookie for a day (if you can afford to/if it won’t ruin your academic life) and enjoy a day to catch up on other classes and just life things. Make sure that you’ve got yourself in check before everything else otherwise, you might explode.


My lovely bffs who are thriving in Europe. Shout out to you guys for always being down to clown.


College can be hard but it is also some of the best years of your life. In order to max out on good times, it is important to take care of yourself. As students, we should all be better to our bodies and our well beings. Also remember to allow yourself to wild n’ out and have a good time– whatever that may mean for you. Treat yo-self to a little extra love and care but continue to rise and grind to be as successful as you can.