Well, now that I have dug myself out of the two feet of snow that so kindly decided to fall as we inch closer and closer to spring weather, I have realized that I only have 13 days of school left until summer.



For the next 13 days, I will be drowning in papers and projects gasping for air and any form of entertainment. As stressful times fall upon us college kids, it is important to take 5 and do something that makes you happy. College goes by fast. (Good grief why am I getting old at such a young age???) So, continue to enjoy the “best years of ya life.”

Ah, I’ve said it before and yup, I’ll say it again: music is a huuuge form of happiness for ya girl. I turn to music when I need a lil’ pump up in my life.


Below is a playlist composed of a wide variety of songs that I find are able to catapult me into a good attitude. This playlist includes “Celebration” by Kanye West, “Ventura Highway” by America, and of course “Dancing Queen by ABBA.” Please allow yourself to get a little ~groovy~ with your dance moves and shake off some of the stress that may be your ball-and-chain for the next couple of weeks.



All in all, the end of the semester is definitely crunch time for everyone but it is truly important that it be super fun as well. Take in these last couple of days to enjoy those who may be graduating and those who you won’t see over the summer. Soon, I will be heading off to camp for the summer so until then, I will have these good, good tunes in my ears to keep my happiness in check.



I hope the end of the year brings us as much happiness as Pete is displaying above. And if this picture doesn’t bring you as much as a mere drop of happiness, then sheesh out of luck for you, dude!

Happy studies!