Erica Kalberer

Hello and Welcome


Hey homies!

My name is Erica and I am a current senior at St. Norbert College pursuing a major in English and literature studies as well as a minor in media communication. I am currently employed at the St. Norbert College Tech Bar where this whole piece of internet shenanigans began back in 2018.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I moved from the land of Pabst Blue Ribbon to just two hours north to the cheesehead capital of the world. Some may classify me as a “diehard Wisconsin girl” but I certainly wouldn’t go that far.

I say that because I strive for adventure and newness. Don’t get me wrong, I’d brush my teeth with a cold can of Miller Lite, but there’s something about freeing yourself of routine, breaking the rules (just a little bit) and discovering places that make you feel inspired that would prevent me from being classified to just a single place on the map.

On my site, you’ll find different posts about what I do at work, different things I’ve learned through my college experience, places I’ve traveled to (even if it’s narrowly breaking the Green Bay border), and other things I’ve found entertaining to tell all of you. I hope that these posts make you smile or even elicit a giggle every once in a while.

Kick back, relax, explore and enjoy!

-Erica Kalberer