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Problems I’ve Come Across


Here is a list of different things I have struggled with and the solutions I have found on different projects I am working on.


  • Organizing blog posts under their own menu:

    • To get a blog post to show up under a categorized menu, you first have to create a category. This can be done within your dashboard under “Categories.” If you click on “add new” you can create a new category. For example, my categories include: College, Entertainment, Tech Bar, and Travel.
    • Once you have created a post for a designated category, on the right hand of the post editing screen, your newly created categories should have check boxes next to them. Check the box of the category where you want your post to show up. Click publish, then look for your post on your website to make sure it worked.
  • Uploading media:

    • The images on your website are important because it is what your audience is going to see initially. To upload an image or any other forms of media, once in a new post, click the “Add Media” button at the top left corner.
    • Sometimes, WordPress won’t let you crop an image if it has been taken portrait style so it can be helpful to crop and edit the image on your device before uploading it up to your site.
  • Themes:

    • Picking a theme was one of the hardest parts about starting a blog because it is responsible for the entire way your blog looks and operates. It is important to try out different themes and pick one that you are most comfortable working with. The cool thing about WordPress is that your content will be moved and accommodated to the theme of your choice. In choosing a theme, remember to consider whether or not your site will be filled with photos, written posts, or other content. There are themes that will accommodate different site styles.
  • Subdomains

    • Subdomains are super cool to have if you’re looking to publish different content to your website but want to keep it all organized. Click here to be redirected to an article written by the pros here in ITS to learn how to create a subdomain.
    • After creating a subdomain, it is important to know what you intend to do next. For me, I wanted to create another WordPress site. To do this, you must reinstall WordPress by going into your cPanel under “Applications,” click on “WordPress” and install that application to your subdomain site. After this has been installed, you have a new subdomain attached to your original domain!
    • Check out the subdomain I have been working on for my English305 class here!



  • Adding multiple images to a video:

    • You can add multiple forms of media (e.g. Four photos at once over a video) by clicking on the plus button at the left corner of the editing screen. It is important to give that new section a label so you can effectively organize what content you are putting into your video. From there, you can add pictures and videos to create a cool overlapping effect.
  • Lowering audio volume:

    • When the music is too loud on your video, it can take away from your voice and become distracting to your audience. It is important to keep your music volume at a level where it is heard but your voice is still the main audio. To lower music volume, click on the tiny circle on the blue bar at the top of the music content and drag it down to the percent at which you want the song to be played. Play around and test it out to find the percentage of volume that you desire.
    • Fun fact: you can make your music crescendo (get louder) and decrescendo (get softer) by clicking on another point on the blue bar. This will create another small circle that you can drag to the percent of volume you prefer. It is effective to have the music fade away at the end of your video to create a smoother ending as it fades to a black screen.
  • Transitions:

    • Transitions are tricky because instead of being embedded into a video where you put it, it will take up space on an image, resulting in the time the image is shown as being shorter. It is important to play around with transitions (some are longer than others) and the amount of time an image is shown.

Feel free to leave a comment if there is something else you would like to know about any of these platforms!

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