Hey, hey, hey!

I was taking a little trip down memory lane and reading some old blog posts. It’s wild to think that it’s been over a year since the birth of this site. One thing I did notice was my consistent use of words that I use in my everyday life. My friends know what they mean, I know what they mean, but outside of that, most people are probably a little confused as to what the heck I’m talking about.

In order to help my readers understand the rather ~colorful choice of words~ I sometimes use, I’ve compiled a list of any unique words I could find on my site along with their definition. I also threw a little extra in there if you’re looking to broaden your vernacular.


AF: As F(igure out which word you want to use that starts with an “f.”) Used to add emphasis to a word or phrase.

Borker: A typically smaller dog that tends to make a “bork” sound when it barks. These dogs are fiesty and smarter than your average human.

Darty: A day party. Popular amongst college students.

Doe: Direct translation to “though.” Not a female deer.

Farting Around: Partaking in mindless activities.

Frame Game: One’s level of stylishness with sunglasses. Good frame game = good sunglasses style. Bad frame game = maybe you should reconsider your choice of shades.

G: Originally coined to mean “gangster,” Used to describe a really cool person.

Giggle Box: The internal place that, when activated, makes you laugh.

Giggle Fest: When you or your entire group is giggling uncontrollably.

Hella: A more animated way to mean “super.”

Holla: Directly means hello or to get the attention of someone which would be “to holla at.”

Motha: A cooler way to say “mother.”

Nose Dive: Quickly rush into something. Typically used with the phrase, “nose dive into _____.”

Peep: To view or to see.

Players: A group of cool people. Usually in context with the phrase, “what’s up, players!?”

Poppin’: Direct translation to “happening.” Usually used in the context “what’s poppin’?”

Saucing Out: Passing out, handing out, giving out.

Sconnie: A person from Wisconsin. (Most people know this, I know.)

Sheesh: Directly translates to “good grief!”

Shenanigans: Rather ridiculous actions or activities whose goal is to end up in laughter.

Smacked: Hit the spot. Usually used in context of describing really good food.

Snorbs: St. Norbert College

Snorbertine: St. Norbert College student.

Squad: A group or group of friends.

TechBar Worker: A person that works at the TechBar. (NO I CANNOT FIX YOUR MAC OR YOUR WIFI THAT IS #NOTMYJOB)

Tomfoolery: *see “Shenanigans”

Trap: To trap means to travel or to move. Also widely used as “trapping.”

Veggo: A vegetable lover also known as, a vegetarian.

Woofer: A true good-boy dog. These dogs are known for the deep “woof they make when they bark. They are lovers but can bring the heat when it’s appropriate.

Wild n’ Out: to go crazy or to have a really fun time.

WTF: What The F(igure out which word you want to use that starts with an “f.”)

Yipper: Rats disguised as dogs. They make a “yip” sound that’s annoyance is equivalent to the cry of 10,000 babies. Watch out because they’re known to be ankle biters.


I hope this list has helped you to better understand my blog posts. Thanks for playin’!