What’s up guys!?


I’ve recently been listening to a lot of older music. Not the tunes my parents used to get ~groovy~ to, but the stuff that brings me to a place of nostalgia of those middle school years. Kids these days have different songs that they’ll classify in the “middle school dance” category than we did. They’ll NEVER KNOW what good, old fashion, cheesy music sounded like.



Believe it or not, but there was a time when popular music was not littered with profanity. Instead of silencing out all of the poor language, like they do on the radio today, artists made literal radio editions of their songs that was free of profanity. You could actually play that noise in front of your parents without getting in trouble because they had no idea what words was supposed to be there.

The good days…


Because these songs hold such a special place in my heart, I have created a time machine for you all.  Below are photos that were pulled from the depths of my Facebook that date back to my middle school years (buckle up) and a playlist of songs to go along with the times.



“Teen drinking is very bad… yo I got a fake I.D. doe” – J Kwon

“You may hate me but it ain’t no lie, baby. Bye bye bye.” -Nsync

“I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing.” -The Script

“You must be a football coach the way you got me playing the field.” -R. Kelly

“Tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef, that I’m a vegetarian and I ain’t f**kin’ scared of him.” -3OH!3



I hope this post was as much of a giggle fest for you as it was for me. May your middle school memories humble you and stick with you forever. Cheers to remembering the worst three years of your life!