Forever Mine


As Valentines day has quickly come and gone, the feelings of love remain present thanks to this playlist. Forever Mine is a playlist composed of love songs shared to the world by Michelle Obama as a gift to our former president, Barack Obama.

This snapshot has been taken from Michelle Obama’s original Instagram post. @michelleobama

This power couple has wowed the public through their respectful, classy ways of showing their love and care for each other. Michelle ultimately put the world in awe by using this present-day way of showing love and affection for her husband. The playlist includes songs such as “Every Kind Of Way” by H.E.R., “LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI.” by Kendrick Lamar with feature artist, Zacari, and of course “Forever Mine” by Andra Day. This playlist successfully appeals to an audience of all different generations. Not only is it composed of love songs, but also include a wide variety of feel-good songs. The music choices allow for those of all relationship status to enjoy every minute of Forever Mine. I was definitely thrown into a pool of feels and have been swimming in happiness ever since pushing play.

Thank you Michelle for showing the world how to love unconditionally this Valentines Day through the power of music.

*Feature image taken as a snapshot from @michelleobama on Instagram. Artwork done by Amy Sherald.

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