Hello and happy Friday!!

This has been one of the most ridiculous weeks ever. Not only was school cancelled because it was the coldest week of our existence, but it also happened to be the second week of the semester which means that responsibilities still haven’t kicked in yet. Being stuck inside for the last week has made me a little bananas. Coming to work this morning was odd because I literally forgot what fresh air was.

But I’m welcoming this ~balmy~ 15 degrees with open arms. Cheers to you, Mother Nature, for fixing your sh-t and getting up to above zero temperatures.

With temperatures on the rise for the weekend, we can already assume that students will be taking full advantage of the weather. Honestly, with 35 degree temps in Green Bay, you can expect full force darty season. (I’m not kidding, I wish I was, but I’m not)

If ya can’t beat them, might as well join them!

The only ideal outfit for winter darty season is a full-fledged snowsuit but since this isn’t the 80’s and we aren’t in Aspen, we’ll have to settle for proper bundling.

I’m talkin’ double pants, triple socks, quadruple shirts. You get it. It may be above freezing temps but that doesn’t mean it won’t be freezing. (Think about it)

But before you venture outside, pockets stuffed with Hamms, liven up your day with some funky tunes. Quite honestly, maybe an unpopular opinion, music makes or breaks a pregame.

Below is my current favorite pregame playlist. It’s (mostly) composed of some good throwback tunes. It’s pretty much all the songs you “hate to hear” but secretly you love to hear because you naturally know the words to. I’ll let you decide.

*Golden rule: don’t judge a person based on their pregame playlist

All silliness aside, please be safe this weekend. 35 degrees does not mean warm. At all. Remember to dress warm, bring a buddy, and HAVE FUN!