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This Ain’t Heavyweights, Guys

This Ain’t Heavyweights, Guys

Hello! As summer begins to creep up on us, there is only one thing on my mind: SUMMER CAMP Although I really (really) should be focusing on exams, papers, and everything else that makes a student want to nose dive out of their windows, I […]

A Blissful Stretch to Summer

A Blissful Stretch to Summer

Hello! Well, now that I have dug myself out of the two feet of snow that so kindly decided to fall as we inch closer and closer to spring weather, I have realized that I only have 13 days of school left until summer.   […]

Now You Sea Me

Now You Sea Me


April showers bring May flowers? Do these showers include snow showers that are said to promise nearly a foot of snow? Apparently they do. But what is really making these flakes less and less tolerable is that a mere 24 hours ago, I was sitting on a beach watching dolphins play in the ocean as the kid next to us threw a can of sunscreen at his brother. Ahhh, vacation.


The beautiful Rosemary Beach/Seacrest Beach area is one of the most magical places I have ever visited. Filled with stunning architecture, white beaches, and crystal clear water. You’ll have to look twice to believe the beauty before your eyes.

The place that we stayed at was located just a short walk away from the beach. It was a delightful yellow home filled with windows allowing us some gnarly ocean views. It included 2 porches that made for splendid brunches and sunset watching. The boardwalk to the beach was surrounded by beautiful greenery that lead to a sea of blue.


We were also lucky enough to have finessed our way to gaining access to the gate code of the rooftop pool located next door. This was a fantastic addition as the sun went down and we continued to light it up. Coming from Wisconsin, we aim to get as much vitamin D as humanly possible so setting us up four stories closer to our big star was an opportunity we weren’t going to live without. Us Sconnies take our sun time into full-send mode before we have to head back up to the tundra.


Views from the rooftop pool


Alas, all good things truly come to end. I’ll be thinking of my fam that will be looking at these lovely views for the rest of the week as I continue to glance outside to check out the progress in snow accumulation. Can’t wait to unpack those snow pants I so confidently put away for the season! But not to worry, I will be back, relaxing on a beach sooner than you’d think.


Don’t Forget About You, Doe

Don’t Forget About You, Doe

Hello! One of the more difficult aspects of college isn’t necessarily maintaining good grades or finding ways to minimize potential FOMO, but it is taking care of yourself. Many college kids make it from freshman year through senior year by swimming in a sea of beer, […]

Throw Ya Paws Up

Throw Ya Paws Up

Hello! What a wonderful day it has been thus far in the 2 hours and 5 minutes that I have been awake this morning. Not only is it finally Friday, not only is Easter break less than a week away, but it is also the […]

Road Trip!

Road Trip!


Happy Tuesday everyone! For those of you who were out and about this St. Patrick’s day, you know how lovely the weather was. 50 degrees and sunny in Wisconsin means that everyone brings out their lawn chairs and will soak up every possible minute of sunshine there is to offer. The bummer though, is that just three days later, we are back to our normal 30 degrees and cloudy weather. Wahoo. The only thing that is pulling me through this dreary climate is the road trip coming up in just 9 short days.

Trappin’ down to Florida via compact car is something my family is proud of and could probably list on their professional resumés. As small children, my sister and I looked forward to the ride. But now that we are full grown adults, emphasis on full grown, we are constantly looking for ways to make the ride much more bearable.

With 16 hours of driving ahead of us, it is important to turn to a variety of different forms of that good, good entertainment. For those of you who have ever spent more than 6 hours in a car know that the rides can potentially result in pure and utter boredom. This list will help to assist in avoiding those road trip scaries and will hopefully help to make your trip fly by.



For those of you are like me, you can turn to music and immediately be entertained for hours. The key to this, though, is to switch up genres throughout the trip otherwise you’ll either grow tired of certain songs or your brain will literally explode from listening to hours and hours of similar sounding noise.

Below, I’ll list my favorite playlists that help me to get through some pretty boring road trips. (Anyone who has every driven through Indiana understands this teeth pulling pain.)

Take Me Back to the 2000s

This playlist is full of pop/punk nostalgia from the early 2000s. It includes songs that will make you want to whip out your hairbrush microphone and dance around. This playlist includes Fall Out Boy, Good Charolette, and Boys Like Girls. Please enjoy the near 2 hours of music that will take you back to your angsty days.

Wake Up!

Fo realz, it is crucial to stay awake while driving long hours. This playlist is made up of energetic, upbeat tunes that will make you want to car dance your pants off. It includes artists such as the Chainsmokers, ODESZA, and Flume. The techno beats and ~fun feelz~ will keep your brain awake during your trip.


If you’d like to check out more of my playlists, check me out on Spotify by searching “Erica Kalberer”



Reading, honestly, is not my favorite thing to do but when I find a really good book, I cannot put it down until it is done. Road trips are my preferred time to read because I am forced to entertain myself and I will do anything to make the trip seem much shorter.

If you’re a big reader, then you can probably just skip this section because a good read is something you’d never leave home without. But if you’re a slug like me when it comes to reading, you really enjoy the evolution of hip-hop, and you are interested in how some of today’s popular music has been influenced, then boy do I have the book for you.

3 Kings by Zach O’Malley Greenburg tells the story of the three kings of hip hop: Diddy, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z. This book shows how hip hop has shifted from just a music genre to a way of life. These kings have all started their own record labels and have heavily influenced the music genre in general. This book rocks.


Honestly, if all else fails, sleeping is your best friend. Taking a small sleep aid helps me to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up with having covered a significant amount of my trip. But I mean hey, whatever works for you!


I hope this post helps you to survive the unbearable long hours in the car on your next trip! If there is anything else you’d like me to include or any other tips and tricks that you have, please leave them in the comments below. Happy travels!

Get the Flock Outta MKE

Get the Flock Outta MKE

Hello! I hope that everyone is having a fantastic month of March. Last week was Snorbs’ spring break. Although I did not get to flock south to a warmer destination like most spring breakers do, I did get to travel across the Wisco/Illinois boarder to […]

For the Ladies

For the Ladies

Hello! Today is March 8th. It, more importantly, happens to be National Women’s Day. This day has a special place in my heart, not just because I happen to check the “female” box when I am filling out random applications and doctors forms, but because […]

Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress


If you are interested in creating your own website just like this one, then you are in the right place! There are some first steps you need to take in order to get started installing WordPress or any other domains platform.

First, it will be a major help to you to check out and read Knight Dot Domains. These articles will help you to get a better understanding on what exactly a domain is, why choosing the right name is important, and other really important stuff that is needed to know to get started working with domains.

Once you have read their Getting Started posts, come on back to this post for the next steps.

Alright, awesome! Welcome back.

So now that you know and have a basic understanding in the beginning steps to this process, you are ready to install WordPress.

The first step is going to Reclaim Hosting ( and clicking on “Sign Up.” Choose a plan that you think will work best for your intentions. I chose the Student/Individual option to start my website.

Next, you’ll be able to choose your site identity. Choose a name and an top level domain. (.com, .org, .net, etc.) Once you have checked to see if your desired future website name is available, click on continue.

Click on continue until you are taken to your shopping cart. Purchase your website.


Now it’s time to begin creating your website.


Visit Reclaim Hosting again and click on the “Client Area Sign In” thats super small and located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Sign in and then click on “cPanel.”


Within your cPanel, you will find a whole bunch of stuff. You will see different applications, domain information, files and much much more.

Under “Applications” (it should be the first section at the top of your screen) you will find an option for WordPress. Click on it and then click on “Install this application.”


You will be redirected to a page that is full of different information that you will be able to fill out. You won’t have to fill out everything but there are some items that are recommended that you change to make your website personal to you.

For your personal info:

  • Under Directory (optional), it will automatically say “blog” in that section. Delete the word “blog.” Otherwise your website would be

Scroll down to Administrator Username.

  • The username and password WordPress gives you is super random. It is recommended that you change both the username and password to something that you will remember in the future. (Also helpful to right it down in your notes somewhere.)

Your website title and tagline can be changed now but can also be changed at a later time so it is not super critical to change that now.

Once you’ve gotten to the bottom of the page, click on install!

Allow WordPress to download for a couple of minutes. Once it is finished, a very generic version of a website will pop up. In order to begin editing this site, click on the second link that has “/wp-admin/” included in it.


The “/wp-admin/” just means that you will be directed to the administrator site which will allow you access to edit your site.

Once you’ve clicked on the link, you will be redirected to your Dashboard. Your dashboard is the place where you will have all of the abilities to edit and personalize your website to your liking. You will be able to create new posts, new pages, upload media, add images to your website, and so much more!

Congrats on having installed WordPress!


Surprised? Me Too

Surprised? Me Too

Hello!   Many of those who know me personally know that my taste in music is unbelievably diverse. Hitting shuffle on my Spotify is like playing a game of music roulette– you truly never know what you’re gonna get. Another fun fact: I have a sister. […]